Throughout the next year, and until the implementation of the New Translation of the Roman Missal, The Authentic Update will focus on issues surrounding the New Translation and developments in Sacred Music arising from it. I hope you will visit here frequently and join in the conversation as the Church enters into this remarkable period of liturgical transformation.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Resources for the New Translation of the Roman Missal

I would like to pass on the link to my website for "Music Resources for the New Translation of the Roman Missal"

A couple of notes on this page, which I hope will grow into a resource page for a lot of what is out there in the way of chant (Latin and English) and other good quality, FREE sacred music.

First, I don't want to be accused of taking other people's material, but if it is posted online and available for download at no cost, I'm going to assume that it is OK to link to that material as a resource. If that isn't the case, and you find your material on my site and would like me to not promote it or link to it... just let me know and I will be happy to remove it.

Second, if you have materials online and you would like me to link to them, please let me know and I will be happy to do so. I strongly believe that the more online, FREE resources there are, the better quality material there will be produced in the future. A non-monopolistic marketplace is an amazing thing.

Third, you may notice that the original title of the webpage was "Resources for Sing to the Lord". Although the project has expanded way beyond that in the past few years, I think this is an appropriate title. Looking back at SttL knowing what we now know (and what we DIDN'T know in 2006), it becomes obvious that SttL was intended as a document to implement the musical vision presented to us in the new translation .... expanded use of chant, sung dialogues, increased emphasis on sung Propers... and the list goes on of concepts set forth in SttL that made little sense at the time, but which make lots of sense in light of the new translation. So I'm keeping the title, at least as far as the address is concerned!

I hope that you will visit (and return!) to this page frequently and avail yourselves and your parish of the opportunity to have great, beautiful music at Mass!

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