Throughout the next year, and until the implementation of the New Translation of the Roman Missal, The Authentic Update will focus on issues surrounding the New Translation and developments in Sacred Music arising from it. I hope you will visit here frequently and join in the conversation as the Church enters into this remarkable period of liturgical transformation.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Requiem Aeternam

This Saturday I have the honor of being invited to sing for a Requiem High Mass. I must say that this is some of the most beautiful music in the entirety of western history, let alone the Gregorian repertoire.

What strikes me most is the degree to which these chants offer the hope of eternal life, tracing the history of that promise through the covenant with Abraham all the way to the vision of the New Jerusalem found in Revelations...spanning the entirety of scripture in between to demonstrate God's love and mercy towards his chosen ones. In this one liturgy, the entirety of the Catholic faith is on display, and we find the reason we believe.

The Wind Beneath My Wings rather pales by comparison.


Anonymous said...

Oh it is so elemental! It touches something deep and personal. It is serious enough to send our loved ones into the beyond, and someday ourselves. What melody or lyric is more solemn and serious? May God grant you very many graces.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jeffrey! You did a beautiful job on Subvenite and In paradisum!