Throughout the next year, and until the implementation of the New Translation of the Roman Missal, The Authentic Update will focus on issues surrounding the New Translation and developments in Sacred Music arising from it. I hope you will visit here frequently and join in the conversation as the Church enters into this remarkable period of liturgical transformation.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Lenten Challenge

I have decided to "give up" taking part in on-line arguments on blogs. In particular I've found that I spend way too much time arguing about things that shouldn't even be issues of contention( in particular the new missal translation) and that after a while it's of no real use anyway as there exists a group of people for whom these arguments have become a way of life. There are more important positive things to be done, like preparing for the implementation of the new translation and the very welcome changes it will bring to the liturgy.

In a few weeks I'll be giving several presentations to groups of church musicians on the topic of vernacular chant and the new missal translation. The three groups I have so far presented to have all been quite excited about the new translation and about the prospect of new musical settings. There are certainly a lot of questions and even some apprehension about what needs to be done. But I have yet to come across the kind of deep-seated "rejection" of the new translation that is becoming more deep-seated by the minute among those of a particular point of view across the blogosphere. I think my time can be better spent addressing those who want to come along rather than trying to convince those who would rather "fight than switch".

As I'm keeping busy enough with a new project at my parish (chanting the Introit at all Sunday Masses... we already chant the Communion Antiphon with verses) and composing some new settings of the Psalms for the Liturgical Year, I think I might use the free time that I'm not spending engaged in pointless discussion doing some work around the house that I've been neglecting or maybe even getting in some time to go fishing. There are a lot better ways to spend time these days...


Steve Cavanaugh said...

A good resolution for Lent.

BTW, I'm down the road from you this week in Ft. Myers, visiting with my mother.

Mass at St. Raphael's in Lehigh was very nice; introit from the WPL Introit hymnal, Adoremus hymnal for the other hymns, Anglican Use gradual with verses for communion and then Attende Domine (Latin antiphon, English verses) as a communion hymn. Dynamite homily by pastor Fr. Cooney too.

Chironomo said...

Hey Steve... yes, St. Raphael does very good liturgy. We also now sing the Introit and Communion (Simple English Propers) at every Mass, and since we use worship aids, I can select good hymn texts rather than have to rely on "what's in the hymnal".

I will be down at Resurrection Parish in Ft. Myers this Saturday giving a presentation on "Vernacular Chant and the New Missal Translation" for parish Directors and Cantors... I will be presenting a similar but probably more in-depth presentation at the CMAA Conference at Ave Maria in April. There's a lot going on right now, but overall, things are going very well here.

Charles Culbreth said...

Let's get to it!
What is that red in your hand, inquiring halfwits want to know!?!

Chironomo said...


A not-too-bad J. Lohr Cab-Sauv...