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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Second Anniversary Mass: Christ the King, Sarasota FL

On Saturday, May 7th at 11:00am, Christ The King (FSSP) in Sarasota, Florida will celebrate its second anniversary as a parish in the Diocese of Venice. We are indeed fortunate to have a parish dedicated to the Extraordinary Form here in our area and we are grateful to Bishop Frank Dewane for his support and encouragement.

Our Schola will be singing at this Mass - this is not a group of paid professionals, but a group of very dedicated individuals under the direction of Leo Labreque. There is even a children's choir who sing in Latin without any problems at all... imagine that!

Here is the program for May 7th:

Votive Mass of Christ the King

Introit: "Dignus est Agnus" (Scholettes)

Kyrie: Hassler, Missa Secunda

Gloria: Hassler, Missa Secunda

Gradual: "Alleluia, Alleluia, potestas eius, potestas aeterna..."

followed by
"Alleluia: Habet in vestimento et in femore suo scriptum: Rex regum…" (Scholettes)

Credo III

Offertory: "Postula a me..." (men)

Exultate Justi, Viadana

Sanctus: Hassler, Missa Secunda

Post Consecration: Jesu Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina (sheet)

Agnus: Hassler, Missa Secunda

Communion: "Sedebit Dominus Rex in aeternum..." (men)

Ave Verum, St.-Saens (sheet)
Ave Maria, Victoria (sheet)
Veni Jesu Amor Mi, Cherubini (sheet)
Anima Christi (all drone, Sister solo, women sing Miserere Domine) (if needed)

Exit: Crown Him with Many Crowns (DIADEMATA: 3 verses)

For those who might be able to attend:

Directions to the Christ the King from I-75: Exit # 205. Take the Clark Road exit (West), which becomes Stickney Point Road. Turn right (North) onto Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) then left (West) onto Meadowood Street and go approximately 1/4 miles.

Hope to see you there!


Charles Culbreth said...

I'm so thrilled, tad envious. My biased crystal ball sez my joint is so ready for an EF, but there's way too much busyness and political/economic detritus obscuring that NECESSITY, I'm left to wonder "How long, O Lord."
Enjoy, praise, pray and give thanks,

Chironomo said...

Yes... well, keep in mind that this isn't my PARISH...I attend Mass there when I can (usually the 8:30am Sunday Low Mass) and I sing in the Schola for all non-Sunday Masses (usually weekday Holy Days and the such). Christ the King is actually within the physical boundaries of my parish, about 1 1/2 miles away, so that much is a blessing!

My general impression would be that an OF parish would be "ready" for a scheduled EF MAss when the Pastor is ready for it. There are 4 other parishes in our Diocese that have weekly scheduled EF Masses, not including the Oratory at Ave Maria which offers daily Masses as well. I can't be sure, but we may be one of the more "EF heavy" Diocese in the US. This is entirely thanks to Bishop Dewane who had the foresight to welcome the FSSP here even before SP, back in January of 2007.