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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ascension Thursday at Christ The King, Sarasota

I've finally had the chance to get back to making posts... it has been a very busy Easter/Divine Mercy/First Communion/Ordination/Graduation season... it's nice to finally have some time on my hands!

I'm posting the audio of some of our Ascension Thursday Mass at Christ The King Parish in Sarasota. Although small, I think our schola sounds pretty good! Leo Labreque does an excellent job with us given the VERY limited rehearsal time and unpredictable attendance...

Ascension Thursday Music Selections

Introit - Viri Galileai

Offertory -Ascendit Deus

Communio - Psallite Domino

Sanctus Mass VIII - (Polyphonic Setting)

Motet - Ave verum Corpus (Mozart)

Motet - Exsultati Justi in Domino I said before, I think we sound pretty good, which brings me to another point I would like to make. For nearly 50 years or so, our impression of what chant (and polyphony) should sound like has been shaped to a great extent by recordings, as this music has been mostly absent from the liturgical life of Catholics worldwide. As such, there has arisen an attitude that unless you can sound like the Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos you have no business singing at Mass. This is worrisome, because the recording studio can produce a kind of perfection that is never really possible to duplicate, either technically nor accoustically.

I also find this attitude to be much like what I used to find expressed at Life Teen conferences regarding the music component of that particular venture. There, it was emphasized that it was important to get professional (paid is possible) musicians and to try and replicate the sound of the recordings as closely as possible and that anything less would bee seen as "lame" or "amateur" by the intended teen audience. While studio recordings are great for a lot of reasons, they aren't and shouldn't be the model for what we sing at Mass, whether in the OF or EF!

I hope you enjoy the recordings..

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