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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Corpus Christi at Christ the King

This evening at 6;30PM will be the Mass for Corpus Christi at Christ the King parish in Sarasota Florida. The Scholae have prepared the following program...

Schubert, Salve Regina (St. Philomena Choir)

Introit: "Cibavit eos" (Scholettes )

Kyrie: Missa Secunda, Hassler

Gloria: Missa Secunda, Hassler

Gradual: "Oculi omnium" (St. Philomena Choir + Cindy)

ScSequence: Lauda Sion TRH 106 (women odd, men even)

Credo III (omnes)

Offertory: "Sacerdotes Domini" (men's schola)
Jubilate Deo, Mozart

Sanctus: Missa Secunda, Hassler

Agnus: Missa Secunda, Hassler

"Quotiescumque manducabitis" (men's schola )
Ave Verum, Byrd
Sacris Solemniis STG 111

Procession: Pange Lingua TRH 122 (v 1-4)
Adoro Te Devote TRH 101
Ave Verum Corpus TRH 103
Jesu Dulcis Memoria TRH 90
Anima Christi TRH 102

Benediction: Tantum Ergo TRH 122 (v 5-6)
Holy God We Praise Thy Name TRH 217

There may be recordings to post in a day or two...

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