Throughout the next year, and until the implementation of the New Translation of the Roman Missal, The Authentic Update will focus on issues surrounding the New Translation and developments in Sacred Music arising from it. I hope you will visit here frequently and join in the conversation as the Church enters into this remarkable period of liturgical transformation.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Well, it's been two weeks now and I am (somewhat) settling in to my new position. There are a lot of changes...different people, different schedule, different organ (and I am, by the way, really enjoying that change!)...and a whole assortment of different things to do.

My first two weeks have been focusing on getting in touch with lists were woefully neglected, e-mail addresses were non-existent for many of my choir members and in some cases I have spent several hours just trying to track down information for a cantor so that I could call them! However, by this afternoon I have finished a complete information list for my choir members and have all of my cantors and office staff neatly entered in my Blackberry Contacts list!

The next big project is to get a children's choir up and running! Please pray for me and perhaps even wish me luck..


Anonymous said...

Will do! It'd be cool if you keep us updated with how things go... Its interesting to hear from a director on the move. I always wonder what happens at the Church we leave...? How do they "cope?"

From George said...

Wishing you good luck.